Z-Scale        by MARSILIUS-Trains

The products of this web site are not a toy. The offered products are only suitable for Ages 14+.  Die Produkte dieser Webseite sind kein Spielzeug. Die angebotenen Produkte sind nur geeignet für Personen ab 14 Jahre und älter.

Freight Cars

ACF Cylindrical covered Hopper

     Collector Series - different Cars   

                                       34' Reefer - Wood Side                                           


   33' 2-Bay Hopper - Rib Side, w/Load  

      33' 2-Bay Hopper - Offset Side, w/Load

70-Ton 3-Bay Hopper - Rib Side, w/Load      
70-Ton 3-Bay Hopper - Offset Side, w/Load
  100-Ton 45' 3-Bay Hopper - Rib Side, w/Load                
 33' 2-Bay Woodchip Hopper - Rib Side, w/Woodchip Load 
                          33' 2-Bay Woodchip Hopper - Offset Side, w/Woodchip Load